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  • Complete DIY kit with through hole components incl. enclosure, ready to play within three hours of assembling.
  • You only need fine leadfree tin, a solder station, the well known electronic tools and your skills.
  • 4 Stereo Line inputs are passive routed with encapsuleted small signal relais.
  • Illuminated push button switches.
  • 4 Stereo AUX-inputs with 1/8" TRS jacks on front with priority.
  • All inputs are DC decoupled.
  • On power failure a Super Cap keeps the actual selected input active for a while
  • Very low power cosumption of only 40 mA @ 5 V.
  • Extra Send output and Return input with 1/4" TRS jacks and pre fade signal for equalizers etc. (e.g.for the ReNew Tube Harmonizer).
  • For each channel this return signal can be inserted in the audio path or rejected via quad DIP switch.
  • The send output can also act as an extra Line output "Pre Fade"(e.g. for the Agneta headphone tube amplifier).
  • ALPS-Studio-Motorpotentiometer as volume control with best linearity.
  • RF control of the volume level via 868 MHz and motor drive.
  • RF volume adjustment display(up / down) with coloured LEDs.
  • Build-in ZPT-8RD RF receiver from RF-Solutions is able to handle up to 30 different codings.
  • Fobber 2-channel RF remote unit in keyfob size is included in the kit.
  • Bogeyboard transmitter with screw teminals for DIY remote controls available at RS-Components.
  • USB power supply is included in the kit.
  • Same enclosure size as DIGNA Phono-Preamp and STC II Hybrid Power Amp.


Line-Selector complete DIY kit.

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