Röhren- und Uhren-Bausätze, entwickelt und zusammengestellt in Nürtingen
Quality tube- and clock kits, carefully engineered and assembled in Germany

Aufgrund des Umzugs in ein neues Domizil kommt es bis Anfang Mai zu Lieferverzögerungen. Bitte fragen Sie vor Bestellung nach der Verfügbarkeit.
Due to moving in a new home, there might be a delay in delivery until beginning of May.
Please ask before ordering for the availability.

For our foreign customers:
 Now wired banktransfer in USD, AUD and CAD is possible. Please mail me your order and the shipping address and I will send you a prepayment invoice. Wired banktransfer gives you a better exchange rate.

NEW: Super Triode Connection Power Amplifier with 2 x 15 W
"Nixielyzer" Spectrum analyzer with 7 x IN-13 tubes
NEW: Ultra low noise MC/MM Superb Phono Pre-Amplifier

NEW: "Magilyzer" Spectrum analyzer with 6 Magic Eye tubes
NEW: ITS1-A/B Thyratron 6-digit USB powered Nixie Clock